Mar 19

How to make a Paper Mache Hippo

Paper mache, here we have a fast moving step by step

no really a tutorial – so if you are a beginner i would recomend to start with an easier

this is a great  one – a large project , consider this will take a while a few days or so

especially the details

but you could learn a lot from this one

If you are familiar with the amazing craft of paper mach' it is a great project to admire the options.

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  1. angela


    your site and work are fantastic, I am sure everyone will enjoy learning from you

    here is the site http://www.GourmetPaperMache.com


    1. Dan Reeder

      Thanks Angela.  You are very kind.

      1. angela

        No, thank you for creating such inspiring pieces and tutorials,

          with your permission I’d like to add, gradually more of your tutorials

        thank you


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