Sep 27

How to make a wallet from a Milk carton – DIY tutorial

A while a go a fiend of mine showed me a clutch that I really loved. She made it from a cereal cardboard box.

it was so cute.

I couldn’t believe it when she told me it was made of cereal box.

now I found this fantastic tutorial showing how to make these cute little wallets from milk cartons

I’m guessing that the clutch my friend showed me was made in a similar way.

I remember thinking I could double the it into a  letters organizer for bills etc by adding another layer

I believe there are a whole lot of possibilities with this carton folding method to make a bunch of useful and very nice things.

I allays love it when we recycle, or even upcycle, make something nice and useful and work with cardboard or paper.

Those are the best kind of tutorial for me.



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