Dec 21

Flower ball decoration – Christmass, party or your room

OK, so if you need last minute decoration for Christmas – here is a great tutorial – on how to make a flower ball

Actually I love it because it reminds me of similar lamps that are made of parts the interlock together in a smart  way to form the shape of a flower ball

You can choose the paper – use fancy – get fancy decoration

But even if you use plain printer paper – you see it is real cute.

So you can decide the size.

If you want it to decorate the tree – opt for this small size,

 But for Hanging from the ceiling – maybe a slightly larger size

More fun decoration ideas in other posts here.

You see below a couple of assembly video’s for lamps similar to this ball – you can make them using the shapes shown at the beginning of each video – some patience – you need to cut 30 identical pieces – and put the together jus like so

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  1. bindu

    nice n useful art

  2. Illath P. Sasindran

    Very nice. Can be recreated on this festive days

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