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How to Make an IQ lamp / jigsaw lamp from scratch DIY tutorial

You can make an IQ lamp / jigsaw lamp from scratch.

I have liked these lamp shades forever – It seem really ingenious

You look at it and know it is a bunch of elements with a trick, all the same shape and size

all you need is the design of a single element and

The explanation of how to put them together

So you can get a kit online

or you can make it from scratch, Following Angela’s tip

I found the pattern online, and here it is

 You can play with the size to get the lamp size you want

The material used on the first tutorial is Heavy vellum – which you’ll find easily

The commercial kits are made from plastic sheets- polyvinyl

You will need:

Material Plastic sheet white, colored

Or Paper stock – with some transparency

Here Heavy vellum is used

The classic ball requires 30 pieces

The pattern – decide the size

Click on the drawing and the file for download will open

This one is for large lamp- one element per A4 page

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Part 2 of this post includes other shapes and combinations



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