Jan 12

How to make a flower ball Lamp DIY

Remember the post that triggered the series of lamp tutorials?

The post was a tutorial for a Christmas or party decoration.

But it reminded me of the lamps made from elements

This was what sent me to look for the previous tutorials

Here is a video showing a lamp just like the Flower ball – so you can use the flower ball tutorial

Here below, to make this beautiful lamp

All you need it the right material -we already know it works with heavy duty vellum

I have also tried it with s plastic sheet – half transparent – that I found in a digital printing place

Vinyl works I would try it also with stock paper

I do have to warn you the cutting of the pieces takes awhile but then you will get this lamp

Which id definitely worth it!

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The flower ball tutorial


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  1. Christi

    This is amazing! I’m just wondering, do you know what weight the vellum was? There are SO many different kinds. Thanks!!!

    1. angela

      No I don’t but I would use the heaviest you can get
      I tried it with medium, It worked but was flimsy
      the commercial ones are plastiv – vinyl sheets – so they are quite thick

  2. Harolyn H. Ioane

    Please can you mail book of instruction in writing how to make these wonderful flower all of your paper craft work to:Harolyn H. Ioane
    85-439 Pulapula Place
    Waianae, HI. 96792
    I love all of your craft paper it is awesome am watching the video .

    1. angela

      A book? – you have the videos here!

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