You’ll be amazed at what you can create from plain cardboard

  Endless designs , all the furniture you'll ever want

all you need is imagination, cardboard, a few simple tools and this knowledge

Who says eco friendly can’t be stylish?

Handmade Cardboard furniture using this method

 Now you too, can learn how to make them!

I’ll teach you how to create designer-class furniture from

plain ol’ cardboard! 

  • Did you ever want a piece of furniture you couldn't afford?   Now you can make it yourself, easy and inexpensive
  • Do have an idea of an item but you can't find it? -

Now you can design your own furniture

  • You are dreaming of making furniture but never did because of machinery needed?

 No more! Now you can design and make them without spending a fortune on equipment.

All you need are a few simple and inexpensive tools

and cardboard (free)

Who says eco friendly can’t be stylish as well?

Nowadays, people are more and more environmentaly concious


Cardboard isn’t solely for boxes, it can be used in a thousand different ways around the house…including making furniture!

Ever wanted to have your own design DIY furniture?

This is the perfect solution if you want to redecorate your home on the cheap, or add a personal handmade touch to your living space. Keeps your hands busy, and improves your home at the same time!


The first video on-line course      

 How to make a designed coffee table

How to make cardboard furniture (video)

Create and design your own coffee table

A full step-by-step video tutorial course

  • 7 class course
  • A total of 2.5 hours of video
  • Downloadable 1:1 blueprint for the design you can print on your home printer
  • 6 versions of different coffee tables (and more)
  • Including all the instructions
  • Begginers level

Did we mention you can make as many tables as you want?

Cardboard and the other  materials are easy to come by and very cheap!

This project and skill could be yours for just $17.90! 

This is a limited time offer, a discount

from the usual $47!

Get new handmade designed coffee-table and new skills for just $17.90!

After a few classes of cardboard furniture design

I am able to plan and create items by myself.  This is so great, I need something, I plan it, and I make it!

   Lea kuttner


I am so excited about this, I don't remember ever having a hobby I was so involved with.

I can't stop making up ideas and building furniture, there is always a great reason; last week I got my brother a gift – a kitchen cabinet.

So we were both happy – I gave him something that he need and is very special and I gave him a present I couldn't afford to buy.

May Lif

This is a limited time offer, a discount

from the usual $47!

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