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Aug 25

How-to make a computer-desk from cardboard

A full scale step-by-step tutorial – how-to make your own designed computer desk. Actually, I am really happy to find recent cardboard furniture tutorials on-line. I’ve been making cardboard furniture for over 10 years. It felt lonely. There was very little material on-line. There still is very little, but growing slowly More and more people …

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Aug 15

Back to school organizer

Great tutorial, reusing milk cartons into a drawer organizer Summer is almost over, and once again we survived it. Keeping the little ones busy for he whole summer is no little thing. When my kids where at that age, I used to do a lot of DIY projects. The projects i love the most, were …

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May 08

How to Make Recycled Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are one of my favorites, years ago, when I was teaching paper mache, I spent a lot of time, looking for the right or best way to create flowers, At the time there were no tutorials all over the internet, so I had to improvise. Now, when ever I find a good tut, …

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Feb 20

Building The Future Out Of Cardboard

You can build anything from cardboard! When I first saw Cardboard furniture I was amazed, I couldn’t believe was I was seeing, it seemed incredible, that anyone with minimal tools could pick up used cardboard and turn it into amazing furniture. Now, I find out that many designers around the world Are finding out cardboard as …

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Dec 22

How to make beautiful paper decoration 3D snowflake for Christmas

Another beautiful Christmas paper decoration – this time a 3D flower or maybe snowflake – to me it looks more like sunflower. I just love Christmas decorations; there are so many beautiful decorations especially in paper. Anyway it is beautiful, quite easy to make, it is rich and made paper (which I love). So here you …

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Dec 22

How to make quick and easy paper ornament- DIY Christmas craft

Another beautiful Christmas paper decoration – this time a a rich a colorful  heart shape ornament This is so much fun Christmas decorations are great Loved this post? Please Don’t forget Press the Like button!  Share it with you friends ! And tell us what you think – write a Comment!

Nov 17

Quilling – a snow flake for the holidays

The combination of this delicate technique – quilling and the idea of a snowflake is just perfect, I love snowflake shapes and even more so when they are the inspiration for holiday decorations – so it is time for Holiday crafts So this tutorial is especially lovely in my opinion  I have kept this video …

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Jun 04

How-to Make a shadow box from a cardboard box DIY

A playful tutorial, you can easily make it your own  just follow the steps and than add your ideas for decoration you will have a lot of fun making this shadow box   If you liked this tutorial – please press the like – or better   share so that your Friends will enjoy it too  

Apr 28

Wall Art- DIY butterfly using paper roll

Another easy to make with a lovely outcome – how to make wall art that looks like wrought iron with recycled paper rolls. I really love this one – and everything made from toilet paper rolls because it is recycling. always very easy to make – allows for our creativity to come across and the …

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Mar 25

how to make pop up cards

 Very cute pop up cards. – so easy to make – even kids can make  Unlike the kirigami that is really difficult to make and requires planning or using a pattern These here are adorable cards – using colored papers – so they are really happy and fun you can be extra creative and naturally you …

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