I guess you like paper, recycling. cardboard

probably you like craft

My favorite material is cardboard, preferably recycled

All the furniture you’ll see in tis video are made of cardboard

You can make them too, quite easily

And making something out of nothing

Well, I created this website just so that every great tutorial that is out there will be organized and easy to find

So I hope you’ll enjoy it, and use it

And if you do – please 

Share it

Like it

Pin it

And any other action you find suitable

Mainly enjoy it!



  1. Becky

    Love your site and Ideas, but that Pop up keeps popping up on each and every page or archive or post you have done, it gets annoying – sorry

    1. angela

      Im looking to replace it

  2. angela

    Great – if you have something on video I’ll be glad to put it here

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