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Jul 08

Bread dough Roses – fantastic material – tutorial

Another great idea from cool2craft Take a slice of bread -yap – you see well///bread Add a spoon of glue – white glue I guess will do you can add some color at this point or later and you get air dry sculpting dough This looks like a great material – you can make easily, …

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Jul 06

Pandora style paper beads

The beads on this tutorial – are a paper version of pandora beads Usually made from glass The paper version is a lot of fun, much lighter to wear, you can easily do Them yourself with inexpensive materials, And – they are more eco friendly – you can recycle old wrapping papers or magazines So …

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Mar 05

Recycled Roled Paper Beads elegant & stylish

When we were kids we used to make those paper beads Lady-like necklaces and we wore them as we dressed as our mothers I loved creating paper beads then we reused and recycled colorful magazines Here they use decorative paper – obviously I would go for recycling And I love them even more now That …

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