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Mar 07

Best tutorial for a Handmade Origami Card

This is a great tutorial, on how to create a most beautiful card it was posted just a few weeks ago. My only regret is I didn’t get it on time for Valentine. But this is such a great one – you’ll be able to use it on any other occasion. No surprise it got …

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Jan 22

How to fold a flower decoration, floral party decor, origami

I am in the mood for party decoration After the holidays season, I still have the taste for party decorations Making party decorations is so much fun, and we never get to make all the ideas we want, so I decided: let the party continue! There are so many great craft tutorials an we will …

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Jan 05

How to Make an IQ lamp / jigsaw lamp from scratch part 2 DIY tutorial

You can make a whole bunch of different shapes of the  IQ lamp / jigsaw lamp from scratch Using a different number of element or arrangement in different combinations Here are a few more tutorials on how to assemble them Here are a few different shapes In the following links you can find lots and lots …

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Dec 22

How to make beautiful paper decoration 3D snowflake for Christmas

Another beautiful Christmas paper decoration – this time a 3D flower or maybe snowflake – to me it looks more like sunflower. I just love Christmas decorations; there are so many beautiful decorations especially in paper. Anyway it is beautiful, quite easy to make, it is rich and made paper (which I love). So here you …

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Dec 22

How to make a Christmas ornament with paper

Another beautiful Christmas paper decoration – this one is another versio of flower ball ornament – they are so pretty This is so much fun Christmas decorations are great Loved this post? Please Don’t forget Press the Like button!  Share it with you friends ! And tell us what you think – write a Comment!

Dec 13

Christmas Pop Up Card Tutorial by Peter Dahmen

Last minute, you don’t have a  Christmas gift? Maybe this is your solution – and a great Christmas craft This card can be a Christmas gift in itself – the 3D popup card is so beautiful It is not very difficult; you can download the already colored pattern or color it yourself Just follow the …

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Nov 17

Quilling – a snow flake for the holidays

The combination of this delicate technique – quilling and the idea of a snowflake is just perfect, I love snowflake shapes and even more so when they are the inspiration for holiday decorations – so it is time for Holiday crafts So this tutorial is especially lovely in my opinion  I have kept this video …

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Jul 06

Pandora style paper beads

The beads on this tutorial – are a paper version of pandora beads Usually made from glass The paper version is a lot of fun, much lighter to wear, you can easily do Them yourself with inexpensive materials, And – they are more eco friendly – you can recycle old wrapping papers or magazines So …

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Jul 02

How to make a lamp from recycled magazines tutorial

I love making great things with simple and cheap materials I even like it better when we make them while recycling the combination of lamps, recycling and paper is the best especially when the result is so handsome great tutorial real easy to make, even with kids could be a great creative summer activity be …

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Jun 12

Make A ‘ Real Rose ‘ From Paper DIY Tutorial

No surprise, that these fantastic flower tutorials are so popular. Beautiful paper roses, real looking This is another great tutorial for making exquisite from simple printer paper. The roses look so fine. You will need some patience, it is time consuming, but you'll love the outcome If you liked this tutorial – please press the like – or …

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