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Dec 21

Flower ball decoration – Christmass, party or your room

OK, so if you need last minute decoration for Christmas – here is a great tutorial – on how to make a flower ball Actually I love it because it reminds me of similar lamps that are made of parts the interlock together in a smart  way to form the shape of a flower ball …

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Oct 23

How To Make a DIY Lamp Made From recycled Plastic Spoons

I was so glad to find this video tutorial on how to make this beautiful lamp from recycled teaspoons. Over the years I’ve seen pictures of this kind of lamp over the internet  I loved the idea. because I love good recycling so much  Now plastic teaspoons are used almost always in large quantities at once. …

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Sep 27

How to make a wallet from a Milk carton – DIY tutorial

A while a go a fiend of mine showed me a clutch that I really loved. She made it from a cereal cardboard box. it was so cute. I couldn’t believe it when she told me it was made of cereal box. now I found this fantastic tutorial showing how to make these cute little wallets …

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Jul 08

Bread dough Roses – fantastic material – tutorial

Another great idea from cool2craft Take a slice of bread -yap – you see well///bread Add a spoon of glue – white glue I guess will do you can add some color at this point or later and you get air dry sculpting dough This looks like a great material – you can make easily, …

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Jul 02

How to make a lamp from recycled magazines tutorial

I love making great things with simple and cheap materials I even like it better when we make them while recycling the combination of lamps, recycling and paper is the best especially when the result is so handsome great tutorial real easy to make, even with kids could be a great creative summer activity be …

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Mar 16

How to make handmade paper

The art of making paper is great and there are many versions They are similar in the basic elements  You make paper you will always need some kind of pulp From either natural source like plants, or used paper And water, to help you even out the layers of the pulp A screen with a frame, …

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Mar 09

Make a Rose from Recycled News Paper

Make News Paper Rose tutorial (Starts after 1.20 m') surprisingly easy to make one of those  Wow – i never would have guessed easy GREAT-GREAT RESULTS I could think of a million uses for these pa[er roses Recycling Crafts  

Mar 07

Recycled Magazine Organizer

Another great project  using rolled paper tubes Here the tubes are short and no need to make them extra tight This makes it easier for kids So this a perfect kids craft and both decorative and useful all the above while recycling old magazines in my book it’s a great one Loved this post? Please …

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Mar 06

decorated mirror frame woven from paper tubes sp

This a cooperation between two artists  The first prepared the Tutorial of the woven mirror frame It is woven from rolled paper tubes – one of many tutorials and uses of this fantastic artist This one added the decorations on top using dough You could use any type of dough But here she uses her …

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Mar 05

Rolling paper tubes

Basic tutorial on how to make rolled paper tubes  the paper tubes are used in a lot of amazing Spanish / South American and Brazilian crafts Actually there is a crazy amount of absolutely great tutorials based on these tubes crush them squash them roll them fold them Stick them or weave them you will see …

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